They are so wrong!

An Op-Ed in the New York Post has lots to say about the motherhood on display at the Grammys. The author criticizes Beyoncé for her “tush-wiggling” and “pagan fertility worship” and finds Adele’s words about her struggles with motherhood “self indulgent.” I think the take home message from the column is supposed to be […]

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Several years ago a young American woman went to Dubai for an adventure. It’s an amazing diaspora and from what I have heard from this woman and others it’s a great place to combine work and adventure and travel. It is a time to be free, to learn about other cultures, and bask in […]

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Pantsuits on ladies. A call to arms for modern suffrage.

Dr. Jen Gunter

votesI started November 8th so hopeful. The polls were a comfortable 78. I wore my new berry colored pantsuit purchased especially for the election. I even wore my suffragette sash to work. The last face I saw before stepping into my office was a young woman in her 20’s who gave me a thumbs up and that knowing smile that said, I’m with her too! Every woman I met had a gleam in her eye and a spring in her step. There was an estrogen electricity in the air. We were unbeatable.

Until we were not.

As a 50-year-old woman and surgeon I have felt the oppressive weight of misogyny my whole life. In medical school. In residency. In the 11 years that I fought to get the same salary as my male peers. And even from my mother who felt being a doctor might be too hard.

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Donald Trump doubles down on fat-shaming. It’s unpresidential and medically harmful

Dr. Jen Gunter

Me the summer I turned 12

I remember the exact moment I became fat.

It was 1979 and I was 12 years old and standing in my mother’s bedroom in front of her mirror. The next day was 1950’s day at my junior high school and my mother said she had just the thing. She pulled a gorgeous dress out of her closet. A dress so breathtaking that even though she could not longer wear it she had not been able to part with it. A rose fantasy in chiffon and tulle nipped smartly at the waist. It was the kind of dress made for a 13-year-old girl’s dreams.

I struggled to get it on. Eventually I got it over my hips, but no amount of wishing could get the zipper more than half way up.

“Hmmm, my mother said. I guess you’re too fat.”

I felt my face flush. I desperately fumbled again with the…

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How did Andrew Wakefield get Tribeca to accept his anti-vax film? — Dr. Jen Gunter


By now most people have heard about the controversy surrounding Tribeca, Robert De Niro and Andrew Wakefield. If you haven’t here’s the short version. Wakefield directed a film, Vaxxed, that was accepted to the Tribeca film festival. The trailer looks like a one way trip down a rabbit hold of conspiracy theories. The fact that such […]

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Say ‘No’ To Burnout: A Renewed Physician’s Goal for 2016

Yes,It is stylish to talk about mental health!

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{Napa, California}

2015 was a year to regroup and reassess my professional goals.  Immediately after residency, I did as most physicians do — apply and hope to get a job that pays well and is in a good location.  Similar to the personalities of most physicians, I am a workaholic and overachiever.  Therefore, since graduating residency, I strove to perform well at my job, treated my patients to the best of my ability, passed my psychiatry board exams, in addition to participating in extra professional activities on the side (gave psychiatry talks, restarted blogging again, enrolled in a psychoanalytic course, etc) while attempting to balance my personal life.  However, after the first two years as a practicing physician, I became disillusioned by the sad reality of our broken healthcare system.

When I first started working, I was an enthusiastic, energetic psychiatrist ready to use all the knowledge and expertise I acquired in my training to make…

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