Say ‘No’ To Burnout: A Renewed Physician’s Goal for 2016

Yes,It is stylish to talk about mental health!

Freud & Fashion

{Napa, California}

2015 was a year to regroup and reassess my professional goals.  Immediately after residency, I did as most physicians do — apply and hope to get a job that pays well and is in a good location.  Similar to the personalities of most physicians, I am a workaholic and overachiever.  Therefore, since graduating residency, I strove to perform well at my job, treated my patients to the best of my ability, passed my psychiatry board exams, in addition to participating in extra professional activities on the side (gave psychiatry talks, restarted blogging again, enrolled in a psychoanalytic course, etc) while attempting to balance my personal life.  However, after the first two years as a practicing physician, I became disillusioned by the sad reality of our broken healthcare system.

When I first started working, I was an enthusiastic, energetic psychiatrist ready to use all the knowledge and expertise I acquired in my training to make…

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